Learn incredible step-by-step strategies from some of the most successful studios in the industry!
  • Marketing: Insight into our top performing campaigns
  • ​Advertising:  Learn how to generate a ton of leads
  • ​PR: Make sure you're known in your community 
  • Sales: Develop a sales process that converts leads
  • Retention: Get more members to stay longer
  • And So Much More! 
Some Sample Training Videos From LRVT
Advertising: Facebook Targeting
Marketing: Disrupt vs. Respond
Sales: Up-selling vs. Cross-selling
Retention: The Favorite Teacher
What Do You Get With LRVT?
LRVT (Loud Rumor Virtual Training was created to help fitness studio owners learn how to build and run a thriving business from some of the most successful studio owners and operators in the fitness industry!
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  •  YouTube Ads
  •  Automated Emails / Text Campaigns
  •  Easy Landing Page Builds
  •  Chatbot Campaigns
  • Disruptive vs. Responsive Marketing
  • The Top Offers in the Industry
  •  How to Write Ad Copy
  •  Understanding Marketing Principles
  •  How to Position Your Pricing
  •  How to Get On Local TV 4-6X/month
  • The Only 2 Reasons People Don't Buy
  • Overcoming Objections Beforehand
  •  How to Up-sell and Cross-sell
  •  Getting Members to Choose the Right Program
  •  Winning with Ancillary Sales
  •  How to Up-sell Someone When They Cancel
  • The Real Reason Members Quit
  • Increasing LCV (Lifetime Customer Value)
  •  Sell More to Members to Keep Them Around
  •  Increase Referrals to Increase Retention
  •  "Future-Pacing" to Create Milestones
  •  How to Get Cancelled Members to Come Back
  • How to Look at Your Studio's P&L
  • How Much Should a Studio CEO Make?
  •  What Should a Studio's Salary Cap Be?
  •  What's the Right Marketing Budget?
  •  The Top Numbers I Need to Understand
  •  How to Reinvest My Studio's Profits
  • How/Where to Find Top Employees/Contractors
  • The Best Way to Interview and Onboard
  •  When/How to Promote to Increase Pay
  •  How to Deal With a Reluctant Employee
  •  How to Properly Train Employees
  •  Laws That Every Studio Owner Needs to Know
* There is no ending to these trainings.  Think of it like Netflix.  We are constantly adding more and more incredible trainings from amazing fitness studio owners so you can continue training yourself AND your team.
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Training For Your Employees
Turn your fitness studio into a well-oiled machine by getting all of your people trained daily and measured.

  At the end of every training (each is about 2 - 10 minutes long), there will be a quiz that they must pass to mark that training as complete.  You, as the admin, will have a dashboard to see all of your employees and which trainings they've gone through, quizzes they've taken and passed, and notes they've taken.  

Hold your team accountable to getting better and more knowledgable every day!
Recommended Tools and Services
As you've grown your business, you've probably learned about new, time-saving, money-making tools along the way that help you run a more efficient business.

We've interviewed the Top 5% of the fitness studios we work with to learn which tools, software, vendors, and apps they use in their companies.

Then, we've reached out to those companies to negotiate incredible deals that are exclusive to LRVT members and Loud Rumor Agency clients, as you're automatically preferred vendors when you join!
LIVE Coaching Calls & Support
Each week, there will be LIVE group coaching calls with Mike Arce, his team, and/or other incredible consultants that represent thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs in the fitness studio space. 

 This is where we can review campaign submissions to explain why something may not be working as well as you'd like, while also providing recommendations to get better results in those particular areas. 

  Each coaching call will be themed for a particular category such as sales, marketing, advertising, retention, etc.
LRVT Community
You're never alone at LRVT.  One of the most valuable pieces to our membership is the community of the many other fitness studio owners and fitness professionals that are sharing challenges and successes of their own.  

Many of our members connect even outside of the group to help each other grow together!
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Free Copy of Fitness Marketing Secrets
Once you sign up, we'll also send you a free copy of Mike's top rated fitness marketing booklet, Fitness Marketing Secrets, How to Destroy Your Competition in the Fitness Industry.

1. Avoiding Obscurity
2. Three Things to Never Do!
3. Swipe Your Competitor Traffic
4. Help, Collect, then Target!
5. Text Power
6. Chatbots, The New King
7. Your Marketing Budget
8. Is This You?
9. Take Yourself to School
10. GSD
Who is Mike Arce
Mike is the CEO and Founder of Loud Rumor, the #1 Agency for Fitness Studios and Independent Gyms throughout the world.  Loud Rumor has now worked with nearly 1,500 fitness studios and roughly 40 major fitness franchises such as F45, Orangetheory Fitness, Club Pilates, Bikram Yoga, CYCLEBAR, Fit Body Boot Camp, SPENGA, and many more.

Mike is also the host of top fitness business podcast, The GSD Show, and top fitness business conference, GSDCON.  Mike's strategies for marketing, advertising, sales, and culture development have been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Digital Marketer, Gym Owner Monthly, and many other major publications.

Being in the fitness industry for 7 years prior to his 10 years in the sales and marketing industry, Mike has developed a great grasp on both and how they work together.  Mike and his team at Loud Rumor have built LRVT to share these many proven strategies with the fitness business world.
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  • Bonus 4: 25 Tools to Make Great Video for Your Studio Guide
  • Bonus 5: How to Reach More Prospects With Chatbots
  • Bonus 6: 7 Tools to Increase Sales in Less Time